18th SoCal PLS:
Programming Languages and Systems

The SoCal Programming Languages and Systems Workshop is an informal gathering of programming languages and systems researchers in Southern California.

This fall, we’ll meet at the University of California, Riverside on Friday, September 22nd, 2017.

Workshop in Fall 2017

The primary goals of this workshop include:


Please register using this Google form.


  Session 1 (Program Analysis)
9:30AM Keynote: Cause and Effect of Unsound Analysis.
Jens Palsberg (UCLA)
10:10AM Structural and Nominal Cross-Language Clone Detection.
Lawton Nichols, Mehmet Emre, and Ben Hardekopf (UCSB)
10:35AM Calling-to-Reference Context Translation via Constraint-Guided CFL-Reachability.
Cheng Cai, Qirun Zhang, Zhiqiang Zuo, Khanh Nguyen, Harry Xu, Zhendong Su (UCI, UCD)
11:00AM Kleene algebra modulo theories. Ryan Beckett, Eric Campbell,
Michael Greenberg (Princeton University, Pomona College)
11:25AM ParaStack: Efficient Hang Detection for MPI Programs at Large Scale.
Hongbo Li, Zizhong Chen and Rajiv Gupta (UCR)
11:50AM Lunch
  Session 2 (Security)
12:50PM Keynote: Security by Compilation: An Automated Approach to Side-channel Resistance.
Chao Wang (USC)
1:30PM Program Repair to Remove Timing Side-channel Leaks.
Meng Wu (Virginia Tech)
1:55PM Symbolic Execution of Programmable Logic Controller Code.
Shengjian Guo, Meng Wu, and Chao Wang (Virginia Tech/USC)
2:20PM Coffee Break
  Session 3 (Language Design and Type systems)
2:35PM Keynote: “Safe” Languages Require Sequential Consistency.
Todd Millstein (UCLA)
3:15PM ChemType: Programming Chemistry on Laboratories-on-a-Chip.
Jason Ott, Chris Curtis, Tyson Loveless, Mohsen Lesani, Philip Brisk (UCR)
3:40PM Typed Assembly for the Zarf ISA.
Michael Christensen, Joseph McMahan (UCSB)
4:05PM Coffee Break
  Session 4 (Parallel and Distributed Computing)
4:20PM Keynote: SAT-Directed Stateless Model Checking.
Brian Demsky (UCI)
5:00PM Grammar-aware Parallelization for Scalable XPath Querying.
Lin Jiang, Zhijia Zhao (UCR)
5:25PM Skyway: Connecting Managed Heaps in Distributed Big Data Systems.
Khanh Nguyen, Lu Fang, Christian Navasca, Harry Xu, Brian Demsky, Shan Lu (UCI, University of Chicago)

Driving Directions and Parking

The following map shows your route.

  1. Getting the permit
    Drive off highway CA-60 (I-215N if coming from San Diego) at University Ave, then follow the red route in the map below to the Information Kiosk (on West Campus Dr). To find the kiosk, search (Google) “UCR Information Kiosk - West Campus Drive”.
    At the Kiosk, depending on whether you have a parking permit form another UC campus:
    • If yes, show your permit and get a UCR permit. Faculty/staff who work at another UC and have a long term (quarter or annual) parking permit from that campus can get a UCR permit.
    • If no, you can simply mention the name of our workshop and your name and get a Red Parking Permit for Lot 13. We already paid.
  2. Parking the car
    You will continue in the same direction and drive around the campus to reach the parking Lot 13. To find the parking lot, search (Google) “UCR parking Lot 13”. Please follow the signs and only park in places for Red permits.

  3. Walking to the Winston Chung Hall (WCH)
    From the parking lot, you will walk to WCH in about 5 mins. The workshop will be in room number 138 that is located in the back of WCH (pointed by the finger in the map). The door of Room 138 directly opens to outside.

Submission Guidelines

Both original research and work that has been published in other venues is welcome!

Authors should submit abstracts of at most ~300 words via (this) Google form. The submission deadline is Friday, September 1st, by the end of the day.

Selected abstracts will be presented as a talk or a poster. The program committee will determine the length of the talks based on the number and content of the abstracts; and they’ll provide more information when they notify you of acceptance.

Important Dates

Friday, September 1st Abstract submission deadline (end of day)
Friday, September 8th Notification of acceptance
Sunday, September 17th Registration deadline
Friday, September 22nd SoCal PLS Workshop

Program Committee

Rajiv Gupta UCR
Ranjit Jhala UCSD
Mohsen Lesani UCR
Todd Millstein UCLA
Harry Xu UCI
Zhijia Zhao UCR