SoCal Spring 2014: Program

Breakfast / Welcome (9:15am–10:00am)

Session 1 (10:00am–11:00am)

The Challenges of Attaining Grace (at least in a language definition)
Andrew Black (Portland State University), Kim Bruce (Pomona College), Michael Homer (Victoria University of Wellington), James Noble (Victoria University of Wellington)
Typed Self-Interpretation
Matt Brown (UCLA), Jens Palsberg(UCLA)
A Relaxed Consistency based DSM for Asynchronous Parallelism
Keval Vora (UC Riverside), Sai Charan Koduru (UC Riverside), Rajiv Gupta (UC Riverside)

Break (11:00–11:30am)

Session 2 (11:30am–12:30pm)

Automatic Fault Localization for Data Structures
Vineet Singh (UC Riverside), Rajiv Gupta (UC Riverside), Iulian Neamtiu (UC Riverside)
SafeDispatch: An Extended C++ Compiler for Securing C++ Virtual Calls from Memory Corruption Attacks
Dongseok Jang (UC San Diego), Zachary Tatlock (University of Washington), Sorin Lerner (UC San Diego)
Type-based Verification of Linked Data Structures
Alexander Bakst (UC San Diego), Ranjit Jhala (UC San Diego)

Lunch (12:30pm–2:00pm)

Session 3 (2:00pm–3:00pm)

Liquid Types for Haskell
Niki Vazou (UC San Diego), Eric L. Seidel (UC San Diego), Ranjit Jhala (UC San Diego)
Language Fuzzing Using Constraint Logic Programming
Kyle Dewey (UC Santa Barbara), Jared Roesch (UC Santa Barbara), Ben Hardekopf (UC Santa Barbara)
Automating Formal Proofs for Reactive Systems
Daniel Ricketts (UC San Diego), Valentin Robert (UC San Diego), Dongseok Jang (UC San Diego), Zachary Tatlock (University of Washington), Sorin Lerner (UC San Diego)

Break (3:00pm–3:30pm)

Session 4: (3:30pm–4:30pm)

PERF-BLOWER: A Novel Performance Testing Framework based on Virtual Amplification
Lu Fang (UC Irvine), Liang Dou (UC Irvine), Guoqing Xu (UC Irvine)
CuSha: Vertex-Centric Graph Processing on GPUs
Farzad Khorasani (UC Riverside), Keval Vora (UC Riverside), Rajiv Gupta (UC Riverside), Laxmi N. Bhuyan (UC Riverside)
FACADE: A Compiler and Runtime for (Almost) Object-Bounded Big Data Applications
Khanh Nguyen (UC Irvine), Guoqing Xu (UC Irvine), Kai Wang (UC Irvine), Yingyi Bu (UC Irvine), Lu Fang (UC Irvine), Jianfei Hu (UC Irvine)

Business Meeting / Wrapup: 4:30pm–5pm